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The Chosen Wiki

I encourage packmates, or even the ST, to edit the wiki nearly as they see fit. Please be kind to my poor wiki. If you’re not sure about formatting, feel free to look at the source for Sister-to-Crows on how your character profiles should look. Your character profile (either under the character’s name or under their Deed Name if they have one) should already have some of your basic formatting. If you have not edited a wiki page before and aren’t sure how or when to link categories, leave them as they are and I will link for you. If you’re not sure how you’re listed in the Wiki, the main page links to The Chosen category page where your character should be listed.

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Welcome to Lily Merry’s news reports.  This is where articles written by Lily Merry or Millie Brighthill will be posted, as well as any updates on coming news articles.  For more of an inside look into Sister-to-Crows, seek out the column to the right for pack information and the images posted in her room.  Make note that this information is not necessarily publicly available.  If you do not read her articles, you wouldn’t have read them.  If you don’t step foot in her room, obviously you have not been looking at the pictures in her room.

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